Detailed Instruction

Visa Requirements

  1. The visa is issued at the discretion of the Embassy and they may ask for additional documents..
  2. The processing of the visas will be conducted according to the order in which it is received at the embassy.
  3. We strongly recommend that you submit your application well ahead of your departure date.
  4. The Embassy of KSA in Ottawa can issue visas that allow travelers to enter KSA by air exclusively. Please ensure that your entry airport is the closest to your sponsor’s location, the Embassy has advised that no ticket should be purchased before the issuing of the visa. A simple printout of the itinerary is required.
  5. The embassy does not accept incomplete applications. Thus, it is ESSENTIAL that you meet all requirements listed for the type of visa being applied for prior to submission.
  6. The visa authorization/ letter of invitation from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are valid for 3 months from the date of issue unless specified otherwise.
  7. The visa from the embassy is valid for 3 months from date of issue unless otherwise specified in the visa.
  8. The validity of stay or the period of stay starts every time from the traveler’s entry date to KSA.
  9. The embassy will not issue you a visa if your passport has already a valid visa.